Message from the Human Resources

Dear Candidate,
We all know the importance of having a solid career, of success and future. With Jobabroad, building a stable and solid project is something reachable.
Jobabroad has several professionals, in the Human Resources area, fully capacitated for supporting and helping you in the selection of the best job offer, the one who is the most suitable for you.
In Jobabroad all the human resources technician have their professional activity based on five standards that are fundamental for us: precision, transparency, honesty, compromise and trust.
We built proximity relations with our candidates, because their success is our success and we value year after year each professional that passed by our company.
For that is with an enormous satisfaction that we realize that our colocations have a superior 96% success that gives us pride, motivation and will to do more and better.
In 2014 we were considered one of the reference companies, in the European level, in the recruitment and professional selection.
Do you want to meet our job offers? Do not hesitate and contact our Human Resources Team, because we are totally at your service for any question or doubt, inclusive receiving you at our offices in Lisbon or Porto, or by impossibility of a personal reunion, by skype.

We are a company with Dutch roots and we exist since 1995 in Oss.
We are in Portugal since 2012 and we are proud of having helped several professionals achieving the career they were searching for.
Many contacts have been made with candidates placed by Jobabroad, and they all are pleased and satisfied with our work.
It is for this satisfaction that we work daily with determination to reach higher.

Live and Work Abroad


  • Atractive Salary
  • Opportunity of meeting other cultures, contexts and realities
  • Possibility of professional evolution
  • Professional and personal realization
  • Recognition and professional value.
Why JobAbroad?
  • Support along all the process of recruitment (before, during and after
  • Deep Knowledge of our clients
  • Precise and rigorous information regarding all clients
  • Proximity with our candidates
  • Regular Visits from our executive director to the professionals placed by Jobabroad
  • Suport and monitoring the documentation and in all the registes in foreign orders
  • Preparation for the final interviews with our clients
Portuguese embassies contacts

Embassy – Ireland

70 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4, Ireland
+353 1 669 9100

Embassy – London
11 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PP, UK
+44 20 7235 5331

Embassy – Brussels
Avenue de Cortenbergh nº12 – 1040 Brussel

Embassy na Alemanha
Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales Berlin Fehrbelliner Platz 1 10707 Berlin Phone: (030) 90229-0 E-mail:

Frankfurt (Hessen)
Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt Luisenplatz 2 64283 Darmstadt Phone: (06151) 12-0 Fax: (06151) 12-6313 E-mail:

Behörde für Gesundheit und Verbraucherschutz Billstraße 80 20539 Hamburg Phone: (040) 42837-0 Fax: (040) 427-310-086 E-mail:

Regierung von Oberbayern Maximilianstraße 39 80538 München Phone: (0049) 89 2176-0 Fax: (0049) 89 2176-2914 E-mail:

Work conditions

We can offer you excellent working conditions, allowing you to accomplish your goals and develop the professional and personal level.

The purpose of JobAbroad is to help you and give you the opportunity to invest in you and your career.

Full free

Our service is free for our candidates!

What We Offer

Accreditation of your diploma

Support with the registration orders, where necessary

Remuneration according to experience

Professional liability insurance where applicable

Support for travel and accommodation

Extra pay for shift work, weekends, weekends and holidays

Five weeks of annual leave

Opportunity to enroll in a course in Technical English to improve their level before traveling.

Some of our numbers
Placed professional
Recruitment Procedures
Selection of candidates

The selection of candidates is finished, usually one week after receipt of the application. In the selection process, we evaluated the knowledge and experience, abilities, level of English and motivation for candidacy.
After the evaluation, we will contact the candidate to report that meets the requirements of the job, or does not meet, and this time, you can not proceed with the application.

Interview with our company

Whenever possible, we try to conduct an interview with our recruitment team, in our offices, or via Skype to talk about the offer, meet the candidate and answer any questions that the candidate possibly may have, as well as some of the information contained in the Curriculum Vitae. After this interview, and agreed that we can proceed with the application, all documentation is sent to the client for a final evaluation.

Interview with client

After receiving the curriculum vitae, together with any further documentation required for the process, the customer decides if you are interested in doing an interview that is usually conducted via Skype or in some circumstances, the client may choose to conduct in-person interviews. The Director of Human Resources conducts the interview at a time and date previously fixed with the candidate. After the interview, the candidate can put all relevant issues related to the vacancy and the Director of Human Resources confirms all the details related to it which may include offered salary and other additional benefits.

Work Contract

If the application is successful and the candidate accept the job offer our client receives his employment contract and all other relevant documents. This procedure may vary depending on the client.

We will do our best to make your trip to the country where you will work as pleasant as possible.


Se a candidatura não for bem sucedida

It is important for us to maintain a permanent communication with applicants. They are contacted regarding the application in question, whether to inform about their clearance by the customer or the application has not been successful and that we will keep the curriculum in our database for possible future opportunities for application.


Interested in new opportunities?
Trust us your resume.


JobAroad, is committed to achieving workforce diversity and creating an inclusive working environment.

We welcome all applications irrespective of social and cultural background, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religious belief.