Dear client,
We all know the importance of Human Resources both in building up a company, training of professional staff as well as in temporary hiring and integration of new staff members in an already existing work team.
Nowadays the importance of competitiveness allows any company to stand out amongst other competitors.
JobAbroad is a Dutch company skilled in personnel selection since 1995 providing some services such as:

  • Posting of advertisements;
  • Selection of professionals;
  • Conducting interviews;
  • Advising companies in having the best professional team;
  • Conducting psychometric tests to already employed staff or new candidates during the interview;
  • Personnel selection with or without direct hiring, etc.

A company without a good professional team will be lost in time and lose its competitiveness.
JobAbroad delivers with honesty the best service directly to the client and understands the needs of each individual company. We guarantee that through our efficient and quick recruitment the professional needs of our clients are rigorously met. Throughout the whole recruitment process, we do so with commitment, always following the ethics and criteria related to all recruitment procedures.
We recruit for many countries such as the Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia.
Our offices are situated in Oporto and with highly qualified Human Resources technical staff we can ensure the success of any company anywhere in the world.

Our Services

Our services are excellent, based on honesty and understanding of our customers’ needs.

Within our professional skills, our recruitment is done efficiently and as quickly as possible to ensure that the needs of our customers, the level professionals, are met.

Throughout the recruitment process, we do it with commitment, following ethics and criteria relating to all the conditions of recruitment.


Fast and Efficient Service

We understand your needs

Recruitment team specializes in

Interested in recruiting?
Trust us this mission.

Know our client
  • Visits to the customer premises (before the first placement)
  • Ensure that the client can offer professional stability to the candidate
  • Acquire a detailed job offer to be published and sent to all our candidates in our database
  • Framing the candidate in the most appropriate job offer to your professional profile
  • Collaborate with the client an integration program for post placement candidate
Our candidates

We can offer a selection of the best candidates, depending on their skills, characteristics and professional profiles.

All our candidates are evaluated by our recruitment team, first through your CV in order to assess compliance with the requirements and customer criteria.

Subsequently, they are interviewed and is evaluated their levels of English before submitting the respective candidatures to the customer, with a view to final assessment and possibly scheduling the interview.


Over the years we have acquired the expertise to satisfy our customers’ needs, selecting professionals, according to the requirements.

Satisfaction with placement

The success rate in placing candidates in our customers is high, proving that candidates who fit the job offer each customer were selected.

We are proud of all the candidates who have put so far. They have proven that their positions were undoubtedly the right choice for the customer.

Our professionals are academically prepared to work anywhere in the world and able to show their skills and knowledge and be an asset to any client.

Our Offer

Assurance of international recruitment support in documentation for all clients

Fixed hours without complications

Excellent GUARANTEE clauses in case of withdrawal, 100% return

Best price with quality services in the European market

More than 800 placements in the last 5 years throughout Europe in various professional areas.

Accommodation support (if required)

Considered in 2014, as the most trusted company in Portugal by the candidate.

Solutions geared to your specific needs

Our Offer

– The best rates with service quality in the European market
– Excellent GUARANTEE clauses in case of withdrawal, 100 % reimbursement
– More than 800 placements in the last 5 years throughout Europe in various professional areas
– In 2014 considered by the candidates as the most trustworthy company in Portugal
– Uncomplicated fixed hours
– Assurance of support with documentation for all clients in the international recruitment
– Support with accommodation (if required)

Need to know more?  Please contact our office for further information.
Our database consists of more than 5000 professionals ready for an interview.


JobAbroad, is committed to achieving workforce diversity and creating an inclusive working environment.

We welcome all applications irrespective of social and cultural background, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religious belief.

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