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Before establishing JobAbroad, its founder and the current General Administrator, started in the Netherlands a Human Resources company and led it for 17 years. He placed healthcare professionals in hospitals and ambulance services all over the Netherlands.

In 2012 he entered the globalization market, established JobAbroad and started recruiting in Portugal opening its first offices in the Algarve (Portimão) and later expanding to the cities of Oporto and Lisbon, thus serving the entire country. Finally in 2015 we reached Madrid.

JobAbroad has since become one of the largest Recruitment Companies with the selection and placement of professionals across Europe and Middle East by delivering a quick service with honesty thereby ensuring client satisfaction.

In 2014, JobAbroad was considered in Portugal the second best trustworthy company in selection and recruitment.

A team in order to support your needs.
Head officers
Joost Van Riel

Joost Van Riel

General Manager
Sergio Gonçalves

Sergio Gonçalves

sergio@jobabroad.eu 220 990 347
Accounting & Suppliers
Rui Chaves

Rui Chaves

"Trust and Professionalism the key to success" Rui@jobabroad.eu 220 990 347
Commercial & Customers
Maria Martins

Maria Martins

B2B/Corporate Communications Manager
communication@jobabroad.eu 211 378 399
Human Resources
André Cerejo

André Cerejo

HR Technician (North Portugal)
"Success and Honesty" andre@jobabroad.eu 93 582 59 89
Rúben Fontes

Rúben Fontes

HR Technician (Porto Area)
"Our job is your success. Together we will build it." Ruben@jobabroad.eu 93 582 59 89
Susana Frazão

Susana Frazão

HR Technician (Lisbon & South)
"Dedication and perseverance for positive results"​ susana@jobabroad.eu 93 054 77 48
Rudolfo Forte

Rudolfo Forte

HR Technician (Lisbon & South)
"Success is beyond our comfort zone"​ rudolfo@joabroad.eu 93 054 77 48

Our team at your service

Were we are
PORTO - Headquarters

Rua Gonçalo Cristóvão,nº 185
8.º Piso
4049-012 Porto – Portugal

Geral : (+351) 220 985 429

Info & Recruitment :Extension 207 e 209

Management & Marketing : Extension 208

mail: info@jobabroad.eu

LISBOA - Filial

Edificio Infante
Av. D. João II, nº 35
Piso 11-A/D, Parque das Nações
1990 -083 Lisboa – Portugal

Tlf: +351 21 137 999

Email: info@jobabroad.eu

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