Skype Interview Preparation Guide

Do not negotiate salaries

the candidates have access to the opportunity’s benefits. It makes no sense to question this

Don’t show that you are just applying because you don’t have other alternative

although it is a valid argument and has its weight in our decision, for the sake of good sense we should not refer or show this in an interview with a potential employer

Focus all the answers for the offer at hand

we must pay attention with the tricky questions. Sometimes there are some questions asked with the only purpose to evaluate how committed we are with the offer at hand

If you don’t understand something, always ask to repeat

there’s no problem to ask the person to be clearer regarding a topic if you don’t understand it. You must always use this strategy

Always clarify your questions

at the end of the interviews there’s a space saved for the candidate to ask some questions that might not have been answered or clarified. You should make use of this space to ask all your questions, you can even have some prepared before the interview

Show great interest and availability for the offer

Show assertiveness and confidence

the context of being in a job interview is definitely not a daily habit for us. It is natural that we become nervous and, at the other hand, that just shows that the candidate is really interested in the opportunity. The client itself knows that the candidate can show some anxiety. You must show to be relaxed and reveal assertiveness and confidence in your answers and your posture, this will transmit a steady and confident image of yourself

Starting date. The client might ask

you should be prepared to be ready for the client to ask when would you be able to start working. Naturally, the client knows that it is most likely not to be right in the next week, but it is advised to mention when can it be as soon as you know it

Turn on the webcam

the client always wants to know with whom they’re speaking to so they can get to know the candidate

Make eye contact

it is very important since it will show that you’re comfortable with your speech. If you look frequently to another direction can mean that you’re not that interested in the offer or in the interview itself

Project your voice

Show a welcoming and empathic face as well as smile when possible

the clients evaluate the social competencies and non-verbal language as well since these are crucial for the activity you might do

Pay attention to your looks

Make sure that you are in a quiet place

preferably at home with good internet signal, so the interview can be made with the best conditions