what they say about us

Andreia Silva

1-How did you meet our company?
R: I meet Jobabroad trough a friend and then officially through college.

2-Why did you choose Jobabroad?
R: Jobabroad was the choice of my friend and she only gave me good reasons to choose the same company so i went forward. All the team shows interest for the candidates, concern, disponibility and are quick in responding.

3-Why did you choose to work abroad and outside Portugal?
R: Since the beginning of my graduation that I always had the desire of traveling and meet new cultures, countries and people.Portugal did not have what I needed the most, that was a job, so I went in search of one, in another country.

4-Do you think that you will return to Portugal someday?
R: We never say never, who knows. If I adapt to the country that I choose, to the people and the job I will stay here, if not I will return to Portugal.

5-How was your reaction arriving to this new country?
R: It couldn´t have been better .I felt like a true princess arriving to the prom.They all come and meet me, welcomed me and wished me a good stay in the country.I am enchanted with the irish, they are very welcome and supportive, they can make me feel like I am at home.

6-How is it to live in this new place? How do you describe your adaptation process to this new reality?
R: Living in a new country, i am not going to lie, has it´s dificults.I discovered that the life of an immigrant is not easy. Being away from family it´s the hardest part and if you came here like me, without no one to support you and living with strange people it´s very complicated.We go through different phases, the one that is discovering the country, the depression phase and missing our family and the phase that we know that we will not going to see us in Portugal. In the beginning we have to be occupied, for avoid thinking at what we left behind and to focus in the reasons that we are there.

7-What do you think about the services that Jobabroad proposes in all the process?
R: I could not be more satisfied. They show fast response, preoccupation and interest in the candidates , helping with all they can in the process of selection.

8-Would you recommend our company to other colleagues?
R: Yes, without a doubt.

Hutchinson Care Homes

Hutchinson Care Homes have been working with the recruitment agency JobAbroad for nearly 3 years.
They have assigned personal agent to liaise with the recruitment officer, so therefore a professional working relation can be established.
JobAbroad have a good understanding of our company’s core values and a good knowledge of the clientele we wish to recruit. They are aware that the staff employed will have an excellent mentorship and support in place to facilitate the relocation.
Over the past three years JobAbroad have provided Hutchinson Care Homes with a lot of professional caring nurses.

Ana Cláudia Fernandes

1 – How did you meet our company?
A: I met Jobabroad trough the Facebook page. I saw something about a job offer that interested me and I made a contact by email.

2 – Why did you choose Jobabroad?
A: At the same time that I met Jobabroad, I also contacted two other recruitment companies.
One took a lot of time to give feedback and the other they only showed me one offer and they schedule the interview without me being prepared.
Jobabroad was the only that really demonstrated interest in me, my goals, my profile and my preferences. They were always available and kind to answers my questions and I trusted their work.

3 – What were the reasons that lead you to work outside Portugal?
A: First reason was the difficulty in finding a job as a nurse in Portugal. Then I started to reflect and I realized that going abroad was the best for me, personal and professionally.

4 – Do you think you will return to Portugal?
A: In the moment no, I only consider returning if my profession is respected and valorized.

5 – How was your reception arriving this new country?
A: I felt very well. When I arrived in the airport, I had already someone expecting for me to take me to the house. Already there, my colleagues were very kind and showed availability to receive me.

6 – How is it to live in this new country? How do you describe the adaption process to this new reality?
A: I am lucky to work in a city that is very welcoming. I am near all the services and groceries that I need and I have the possibility to have places to relax.
My colleagues helped me with the adaptation, because they always showed support and they were always present for me.

7- What do you think about the services from Jobabroad in all the process?
A: With all the confidence I can say that they gave me an excellent service. They overcome my expectations when they helped a friend of mine to go abroad, and then we went together, that was a dream of mine. I was very pleased.

8 – Will you recommend our company to other colleagues?
A: Yes definitely.

Ana Arenas

1-How did you meet our company?
R: I met JobAbroad through my university, when I was finishing the degree. The University sent to me a job offer for Ireland, from Jobabroad.

2-Why did you choose Jobabroad?
R: After a first skype conversation I was satisfied and did not want to miss the opportunity that Jobabroad presented me.

3-What reasons did you have to work outside Spain?
R: I wanted to perfect my English, meet new job skills, new nurses, develop my career and starting a new journey in a new country with a better salary that I would have in Spain.

4-Do you think in returning to Spain one day?
R: Nowadays I do not think in returning to Spain, I am still a rookie in Ireland and I have a lot to learn about nursing in this country.

5-How was your reception arriving to Ireland?
R: My reception was much better that I would imagine, because I had many insecurities and doubts but the treatment that I received exceeded my expectations. I have to refer the kindness and empathy of the people that i contacted, in both fields, the professional and the private.

6-How is it to live in this new place? How do you describe your adaptation process to this new reality?
R: It is complicated to adapt fast because of the situations that we have to handle, like opening an account, dealing with the house and other paperwork that we have to handle.

7-What do you think about the services that Jobabroad serve in all the process?
R: In my case I am very pleased with the treatment that I received, the full disponibility to clarify my doubts and the efficiency that allowed me to come to Ireland, because of the good preparation for the interview.

8-Would you advise our company to other colleagues?
R: I fully recommend JobAbroad to other nurses that want to develop their career in Ireland, especially for the quality that they demonstrated in looking for a job that suits our personality and profile and for the personal relationship as well.

Claudia Rezende

1- How did you meet our company?
A: I met Jobabroad through some e-mails from my college and I did some research online and your company seemed truly viable.

2- Why did you choose Jobabroad?
A: After I send my cv and I was contacted, I felt a support and I felt safety to take the decisions that I did after.

3- Why did you choose to work abroad?
A: The fact that I did not manage to be working in my area in Portugal lead me to think that I could go abroad and my personal and professional realization were the factors that lead me to my final decision.

4- Do you think of returning to Portugal one day?
A: Of course I miss Portugal and somedays are harder, but I feel very well in Ireland.
It is a wonderful country and the irish are extremely warm and always available to help.

5 – How was your reception arriving this new country?
A: When I arrived to Foxford I had a colleague waiting for me and she helped me with everything. The responsible of the nursing home always showed disponibility and kindness and I can say with all security that I never felt apart in any way.

6 – How is it to live in this new place? How do you descrive the adaptation process?
A: Foxford is a small village mas peaceful and with god access. People are nice and kind and it is easy to feel happy here. The first weeks were the hardestbecause I did not know anyone, but the environment in the nursing home is very warming and I was very well received by the responsible and the nurses and health care assistants.
The most important thing is to be honest, humble and give our best.

7- What do you think about the services that Jobabroad handles?
A: Jobabroad was solid in every way of the process. They never abandoned me even when I was insecure, recording to NMBI, and I received total support from all the staff of the company. Without them, it would be much harder.

8 – Would you recommend Jobabroad to other colleagues?
A: Without any question I would recommended Jobabroad to those who are looking for a better life in other country.

Carla Martins

1 – How did you meet our company?
A: I met Jobabroad trough internet when i was looking for job opportunities away from Portugal, when I saw your company with interesting proposals that where compatible to what I was looking for.

2 – Why did you choose Jobabroad?
A: When I started thinking of working outside Portugal I had two things in mind, first I wanted a country where English was the main language and then I did not want to go to United Kingdom because it the typical choice for most nurses, so Ireland was in my list and of all the proposals that I received, your company showed me the most interesting ones. So I choose Jobabroad.

3 – What were the reasons that lead you to work outside Portugal?
A: In Portugal the profession of nurse is too vulgar, too much nurses for very few vacancies. It is rare to find a full time job that allow us to work in the area in a full dedication and it was that situation that I lived, because I always worked but in a situation of service provision and that was not enough for me, I wanted more, much more. The growth and professional development started to grow apart from my personal ambitions and I had to change my life or else I would be very unhappy.

4 – Do you think you will return to Portugal?
A:Sincerely I don´t know. I was extremely well received, people here value my work and what I am. They give me positive perspectives of knowledge and development. So very honestly, in a short term I do not want to return to Portugal. One day, maybe, I don´t know.

5 – How was your reception arriving this new country?
A: This country that received me, Ireland Republic is very warm and affectionate, because of the several cultures that they have. They made me feel very well, as I was part of the family. They offered to help me with anything and to this day they have been very good with me. I only have to thank them.

6 – How is it to live in this new country? How do you describe the adaption process to this new reality?
A: I live in an area that resembles to my home town, so the adaptation was not complicated.
Since I left Portugal that I told myself that I was opening new horizons and not comparing what I left in Portugal with what I have now and I am very happy this way. The reality it is not so different as they say and the weather is not so bad (ahah).My adaptation process was very calm and subtle, I am surrended by people who are very friendly and nice. They always make me feel like I was at home, and helped me in every way and every process necessary. So my adaptation was very fast, in a month I already belonged here. I never felted ignored or aside. I will recommend if you are thinking of changing countries, to study the language of the country before you move, because they don´t like to feel misunderstood and enable to help. If we stop to think, we in Portugal don´t like to have people that we do not understand.

7- What do you think about the services from Jobabroad in all the process?
A: I could not be happier with their services, since the beginning they were very clear and helpful, giving much attention to all process and trying to clarify all the doubts in a simple way.
Every time that I contact them they answered and gave me all the information I needed, very quickly. Besides that, they always think in anticipation, especially regarding the Nurses Order in Ireland , that led to a quick and simple process.
They give indication of all the necessary documents and of all documents that maybe be needed, making that all the clients are always a step ahead of what is going to be asked . I only have to thank all the help that I have received.

8 – Will you recommend our company to other colleagues?
A: Definitely. Every time someone asks me about companies to search if we want to go abroad I always recommend Jobabroad. As we say in good Portuguese, “if it is not broken, do not fix it”.