1-How did you meet our company?
R: I met JobAbroad through my university, when I was finishing the degree. The University sent to me a job offer for Ireland, from Jobabroad.

2-Why did you choose Jobabroad?
R: After a first skype conversation I was satisfied and did not want to miss the opportunity that Jobabroad presented me.

3-What reasons did you have to work outside Spain?
R: I wanted to perfect my English, meet new job skills, new nurses, develop my career and starting a new journey in a new country with a better salary that I would have in Spain.

4-Do you think in returning to Spain one day?
R: Nowadays I do not think in returning to Spain, I am still a rookie in Ireland and I have a lot to learn about nursing in this country.

5-How was your reception arriving to Ireland?
R: My reception was much better that I would imagine, because I had many insecurities and doubts but the treatment that I received exceeded my expectations. I have to refer the kindness and empathy of the people that i contacted, in both fields, the professional and the private.

6-How is it to live in this new place? How do you describe your adaptation process to this new reality?
R: It is complicated to adapt fast because of the situations that we have to handle, like opening an account, dealing with the house and other paperwork that we have to handle.

7-What do you think about the services that Jobabroad serve in all the process?
R: In my case I am very pleased with the treatment that I received, the full disponibility to clarify my doubts and the efficiency that allowed me to come to Ireland, because of the good preparation for the interview.

8-Would you advise our company to other colleagues?
R: I fully recommend JobAbroad to other nurses that want to develop their career in Ireland, especially for the quality that they demonstrated in looking for a job that suits our personality and profile and for the personal relationship as well.