1 – How did you meet our company?
A: I met Jobabroad trough the Facebook page. I saw something about a job offer that interested me and I made a contact by email.

2 – Why did you choose Jobabroad?
A: At the same time that I met Jobabroad, I also contacted two other recruitment companies.
One took a lot of time to give feedback and the other they only showed me one offer and they schedule the interview without me being prepared.
Jobabroad was the only that really demonstrated interest in me, my goals, my profile and my preferences. They were always available and kind to answers my questions and I trusted their work.

3 – What were the reasons that lead you to work outside Portugal?
A: First reason was the difficulty in finding a job as a nurse in Portugal. Then I started to reflect and I realized that going abroad was the best for me, personal and professionally.

4 – Do you think you will return to Portugal?
A: In the moment no, I only consider returning if my profession is respected and valorized.

5 – How was your reception arriving this new country?
A: I felt very well. When I arrived in the airport, I had already someone expecting for me to take me to the house. Already there, my colleagues were very kind and showed availability to receive me.

6 – How is it to live in this new country? How do you describe the adaption process to this new reality?
A: I am lucky to work in a city that is very welcoming. I am near all the services and groceries that I need and I have the possibility to have places to relax.
My colleagues helped me with the adaptation, because they always showed support and they were always present for me.

7- What do you think about the services from Jobabroad in all the process?
A: With all the confidence I can say that they gave me an excellent service. They overcome my expectations when they helped a friend of mine to go abroad, and then we went together, that was a dream of mine. I was very pleased.

8 – Will you recommend our company to other colleagues?
A: Yes definitely.