1-How did you meet our company?
R: I meet Jobabroad trough a friend and then officially through college.

2-Why did you choose Jobabroad?
R: Jobabroad was the choice of my friend and she only gave me good reasons to choose the same company so i went forward. All the team shows interest for the candidates, concern, disponibility and are quick in responding.

3-Why did you choose to work abroad and outside Portugal?
R: Since the beginning of my graduation that I always had the desire of traveling and meet new cultures, countries and people.Portugal did not have what I needed the most, that was a job, so I went in search of one, in another country.

4-Do you think that you will return to Portugal someday?
R: We never say never, who knows. If I adapt to the country that I choose, to the people and the job I will stay here, if not I will return to Portugal.

5-How was your reaction arriving to this new country?
R: It couldn´t have been better .I felt like a true princess arriving to the prom.They all come and meet me, welcomed me and wished me a good stay in the country.I am enchanted with the irish, they are very welcome and supportive, they can make me feel like I am at home.

6-How is it to live in this new place? How do you describe your adaptation process to this new reality?
R: Living in a new country, i am not going to lie, has it´s dificults.I discovered that the life of an immigrant is not easy. Being away from family it´s the hardest part and if you came here like me, without no one to support you and living with strange people it´s very complicated.We go through different phases, the one that is discovering the country, the depression phase and missing our family and the phase that we know that we will not going to see us in Portugal. In the beginning we have to be occupied, for avoid thinking at what we left behind and to focus in the reasons that we are there.

7-What do you think about the services that Jobabroad proposes in all the process?
R: I could not be more satisfied. They show fast response, preoccupation and interest in the candidates , helping with all they can in the process of selection.

8-Would you recommend our company to other colleagues?
R: Yes, without a doubt.