1 – How did you meet our company?
A: I met Jobabroad trough internet when i was looking for job opportunities away from Portugal, when I saw your company with interesting proposals that where compatible to what I was looking for.

2 – Why did you choose Jobabroad?
A: When I started thinking of working outside Portugal I had two things in mind, first I wanted a country where English was the main language and then I did not want to go to United Kingdom because it the typical choice for most nurses, so Ireland was in my list and of all the proposals that I received, your company showed me the most interesting ones. So I choose Jobabroad.

3 – What were the reasons that lead you to work outside Portugal?
A: In Portugal the profession of nurse is too vulgar, too much nurses for very few vacancies. It is rare to find a full time job that allow us to work in the area in a full dedication and it was that situation that I lived, because I always worked but in a situation of service provision and that was not enough for me, I wanted more, much more. The growth and professional development started to grow apart from my personal ambitions and I had to change my life or else I would be very unhappy.

4 – Do you think you will return to Portugal?
A:Sincerely I don´t know. I was extremely well received, people here value my work and what I am. They give me positive perspectives of knowledge and development. So very honestly, in a short term I do not want to return to Portugal. One day, maybe, I don´t know.

5 – How was your reception arriving this new country?
A: This country that received me, Ireland Republic is very warm and affectionate, because of the several cultures that they have. They made me feel very well, as I was part of the family. They offered to help me with anything and to this day they have been very good with me. I only have to thank them.

6 – How is it to live in this new country? How do you describe the adaption process to this new reality?
A: I live in an area that resembles to my home town, so the adaptation was not complicated.
Since I left Portugal that I told myself that I was opening new horizons and not comparing what I left in Portugal with what I have now and I am very happy this way. The reality it is not so different as they say and the weather is not so bad (ahah).My adaptation process was very calm and subtle, I am surrended by people who are very friendly and nice. They always make me feel like I was at home, and helped me in every way and every process necessary. So my adaptation was very fast, in a month I already belonged here. I never felted ignored or aside. I will recommend if you are thinking of changing countries, to study the language of the country before you move, because they don´t like to feel misunderstood and enable to help. If we stop to think, we in Portugal don´t like to have people that we do not understand.

7- What do you think about the services from Jobabroad in all the process?
A: I could not be happier with their services, since the beginning they were very clear and helpful, giving much attention to all process and trying to clarify all the doubts in a simple way.
Every time that I contact them they answered and gave me all the information I needed, very quickly. Besides that, they always think in anticipation, especially regarding the Nurses Order in Ireland , that led to a quick and simple process.
They give indication of all the necessary documents and of all documents that maybe be needed, making that all the clients are always a step ahead of what is going to be asked . I only have to thank all the help that I have received.

8 – Will you recommend our company to other colleagues?
A: Definitely. Every time someone asks me about companies to search if we want to go abroad I always recommend Jobabroad. As we say in good Portuguese, “if it is not broken, do not fix it”.