1- How did you meet our company?
A: I met Jobabroad through some e-mails from my college and I did some research online and your company seemed truly viable.

2- Why did you choose Jobabroad?
A: After I send my cv and I was contacted, I felt a support and I felt safety to take the decisions that I did after.

3- Why did you choose to work abroad?
A: The fact that I did not manage to be working in my area in Portugal lead me to think that I could go abroad and my personal and professional realization were the factors that lead me to my final decision.

4- Do you think of returning to Portugal one day?
A: Of course I miss Portugal and somedays are harder, but I feel very well in Ireland.
It is a wonderful country and the irish are extremely warm and always available to help.

5 – How was your reception arriving this new country?
A: When I arrived to Foxford I had a colleague waiting for me and she helped me with everything. The responsible of the nursing home always showed disponibility and kindness and I can say with all security that I never felt apart in any way.

6 – How is it to live in this new place? How do you descrive the adaptation process?
A: Foxford is a small village mas peaceful and with god access. People are nice and kind and it is easy to feel happy here. The first weeks were the hardestbecause I did not know anyone, but the environment in the nursing home is very warming and I was very well received by the responsible and the nurses and health care assistants.
The most important thing is to be honest, humble and give our best.

7- What do you think about the services that Jobabroad handles?
A: Jobabroad was solid in every way of the process. They never abandoned me even when I was insecure, recording to NMBI, and I received total support from all the staff of the company. Without them, it would be much harder.

8 – Would you recommend Jobabroad to other colleagues?
A: Without any question I would recommended Jobabroad to those who are looking for a better life in other country.